Club Meeting Notes for Nov 9, 2017 and Virtual Stock Picks using FinViz and Rule #1 Toolbox

Today was effectively an extension of the end of October’s meeting.   Since we hit a wall, not being able to fully complete analysis last month, we regrouped after doing some further investigation.

So we did a quick analysis strategy that leveraged’s toolbox and a value investing strategy. After screening the performers using FinViz, we imported the 280 symbols into Rule #1’s watchlist feature (50 at a time). Since they have a nice “corporate snapshot” style page, it made it easy to pick some stocks.  Since this was a quick and dirty technique without deep analysis, we diversified a little more by picking 16 stocks instead of the usual 6-10.

Follow along here: by viewing the “Investing Adventures” player’s portfolio.

I’ve reached out to Phil Town’s company to see if we can receive any help from them for a product review.  For those of you commenting and emailing about Investools alternatives, I’ll post a Rule #1 Toolbox review soon.

Here are the month’s selections.  Since Micron Technology Inc.’s (MU) was not sold from the previous month, it’s temporarily using the funds that would have been otherwise purchased for RMD, MA, and FB.  There are no comments posted on each one this month due to the focus and time being spent on finding an Investools replacement.

  • RMD (pending)
  • MA (pending)
  • FB (pending)
  • CI
  • LRCX
  • DLTR
  • V
  • FAST
  • LKQ
  • SBUX
  • MNST
  • ILMN
  • CTSH
  • ALGN
  • SWKS
  • MU

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