It’s been a while. Here’s a small update.

First, and most importantly,  thank you to so many people who have sent emails sharing their stories, thanking us for the posts, looking for more information, and just being a fellow sympathetic ear.

The club members have been poking me to get back on the horse.  I’ve ended up taking a long break, invested in a startup business, and became engrossed in other current and new hobbies temporarily.  It’s depressing to think of having to invest the time into learning a new system (a sentiment I’ve heard from many, many of you and can deeply empathize with).

I guess in the back of my mind, I was going to give TD Ameritrade the 6 months they thought it would take to get most of what they intended to bring back of Investools up.  Honestly, I never really believed it would be much the same unless they just out-in-out resurrected the old Investools site or sold it off to someone else to run.  So I will give TD Ameritrade another call and post an update here as soon as I do.

But really, I think we’ve had our eyes opened up to some proven high return systems that are available out there through the AAII research (see previous post). I think it’s a matter of setting aside some block time (time free from obligations or distractions) and learn a new system.   Given the power of compound growth, it’s an investment of time and money that could justifiably pay for itself.

So, I’m interested, have any of you tackled something new since the Investools loss?

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  1. I am like many others who found Investools Toolbox superbly designed to provide almost anything one would want to select and review a stock for purchase. In a short time(6 months) with Investools Toolbox available, I was able to develop my own criteria and become reasonably successful in procuring stocks. Your club “Investing Adventures” was able to establish a process that required less than 4 hours a month to develop a watchlist. From this work, have you developed a set of rules, including go-no go limits on criteria, as well as, a summary scoring method to rank the stocks to be listed in the watchlist. I am wondering if this set of rules was developed, would it be possible to get a copy. Based on your incredibly thorough comparison of Investools Toolbox features versus other tool providers, I am sure this set of rules would be most useful. I have tried to reproduce the Investools search criteria in Zack’s watch list for high FE score stocks. The result has been only partially successful. I have to manually screen through TDAmeritrade Prophet charts to determine the FE scores on a couple hundred stocks to find roughly 20 to 30 high FE (above 3.38) score stocks. Thanks for your efforts.

    Larry Zimmerman

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