Investing-Adventures.com is a blog tracking the growth of invested stocks in a hypothetical portfolio over five or more years.  The stocks will be traded in a simulated public portfolio called a paper trading account.  A publicly shared virtual trading account (paper trading game) is available to track the progress of the club portfolio against the stock market indexes at  http://www.marketwatch.com/game/investing-adventures-blog/ranking.

The analyses will be done using performance screeners, fundamental analysis filters, intrinsic value calculations, and a few technical indicators. The authors are members of a local Investing Adventures club who meet regularly to discuss the investments for each month.

The goal is to perfect a method of trading that maximizes returns while minimizing the amount of time spent analyzing and managing a portfolio. Using a take on the Pareto principle, that roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the work, we will attempt to double the return of the stock market in 4 hours of work per month. The thought is that more work would be minimal gains and therefore diminishing returns on the time invested in research.

The game will start with $400,000 in a fake/game trading account (ie paper trading account) in June 2017 and will continue for years as long as the club survives.  Club members will take turns using agreed upon techniques to filter 4-20 stocks to trade per month.   The purchases, sales, and discussions will be shared here.

Important:  This is an educational website.  The authors at Investing Adventures.com are not financial advisors, brokers, tax advisors, or legal advisors.  The content posted are not recommendations to buy, sell, or hold such investment or security or to make any other investment decisions. We offer no advice regarding the nature, potential value, risk, or suitability of any particular investment strategy, trading algorithm, transaction, security, or investment.