Club Meeting Agenda for Nov 21, 2017

Hi Everyone,

The portfolio did great.  I’m glad we decided against pulling out. The advice is good. Don’t try to time the market.

This was the first time I actually used the temporary system with Finviz and Rule #1. It seemed to perform as well as I would have expected Investools to perform (and better):
The market (S&P500) did  0.076%, the DJ lost .013%, the Nasdaq Composite did 0.11% and our portfolio gained 2.377%.
I hope this temporary system performance keeps up!
There are a few points we’ll go over tomorrow…

1) I’ll summarize the temporary (Investools replacement) system using FinFiz and Rule #1 Toolbox. We’ll discuss the stocks as usual and vote yea or nay based on the multiple factors I’ll put up on screen.

2) How to deal with potential future market corrections.

  • Tony Robbin’s Money recommendation
  • Best practices for buying puts as an insurance strategy. (What if we bought puts on massively overpriced stocks?)
  • A reputable market course such as

3) I’d like to start an options paper trading game. I’m not sure I have time to take a reputable course right now, but I want to play around.

Here are my thoughts why. Since when Jan and I restarted this ‘club’ last April, I don’t think there’s been one month where we didn’t beat the market.  I remember one small month (July/August??) where we only fractionally beat it on a bad performance month… but all the other months have been from 1.5x to 3x plus two months of spikes of 11x and 28x better than the market. (Technically, this month was 31x  the SPX. And the DJ went negative.)

What if we were buying even 10% of the portfolio in calls that whole time?  Given that I have been doing this blended value investing/growth strategy for 18+ years now, why not apply the strategy to call options and just see what happens?

Let’s discuss tomorrow.  See you then.

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