Purchases for October 2017: Virtual Stock Picks on Sept 26, 2017

This month’s analysis yielded 16 performing stocks that passed our screening.   From there we chose 7 to purchase in the portfolio for the month.  The standout industry, with 4 of the 16 performers, were in the Semiconductors/Semiconductor Equipment industry.

The most notable theme of this month’s analysis was the difficulty in determining an intrinsic value for many of the stocks. There was a lot of, what felt like, pulling numbers from thin air.  We ended up placing a little more weight on expert recommendations than usual because of that challenge.  In the end, there wasn’t a high confidence in the picks, but it wasn’t weak enough to feel like we should abort the week (like we did earlier this year) to analyze a fresh batch next week.

These are the trades we are holding for September. You can follow their performance in the MarketWatch.com virtual trading accounthttp://www.marketwatch.com/game/investing-adventures-blog/ranking

  • EXAS
  • MTOR
  • HTHT
  • CORT
  • TAL
  • MU
  • SINA

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